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Corporate Housing Austin

Stafford Corporate Housing Stafford Corporate Housing Company Category: Country: United StatesCity/State: TexasAddress: 5325 Glenmont Dr Suite #CShort Description: Stafford Housing is one of the leading corporate housing and furnished apartments companies in Houston. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service and providing our customers with high-end temporary housing for all occasions. From fully furnished corporate housing and furnished apartments rentals to vacation rentals Stafford Housing has the perfect apartment for your next visit. Whether you’re thinking of leasing, buying, or selling your home Stafford Housing is the right choice for you. Our realtors have in depth knowledge of what’s trending today’s industry and are ready to provide you with their expertise and personalized service. Our level of expertise allows us to provide you with unique personalized service representing buyers and sellers of all property types.

Specializing in single family homes, townhomes, high-rise condo’s, mid-rise condo’s, county club properties and lots, our realtors will believe in building relationships with their clients that go beyond closing. Fully bilingual in Spanish, Hindi and English we pride ourselves in being a multicultural company. Stafford Housing is a property sector specialist for Houston and Austin based properties – the coverage our client-care includes better and novel property listing from Hi-Rises in the Uptown to the Downtown residences. A Class of its Own – Stafford Housing is committed to providing a different class of living to its clients and customers whom we trust to be our brand ambassadors. We maintain a unique standard in everything we do to keep us a league ahead in service, knowledge and customer experience. You wouldn’t find us going for the top spot, but we do make sure, we are the preferred choice when it comes to better but satisfied living.

Our People’s Standard – We attribute our success to our outstanding and talented people who have ensured remarkable experience with attitude and performance we wish to see for an impact on people’s lives. Client Care – professionalism with integrity is our marked benchmark to work on a standard level exclusive to our client care policy. This practice exceeds the expectations of the people associated with us covering every sector and location of the market. We aim to be the preferred choice of our clients, when it comes to delivering service with responsibility – which also means going the extra mile every time we are around. Growing Capabilities with Market – We consider matching our standards with our growing abilities to answer the needs of the client.

We seek and develop new regions and markets, to foster better opportunities and resulting solutions, which shall promote social and environment friendly business ethics in the business spectrum. We help our clients to form their property decisions in the perspective of environmental and social responsibilities. To ensure this, we employ our unique services, research based training as fundamental element for our corporate responsibility. We keenly follow the Energy and Environment initiative with our specialized business group, so much so to transform it into one-shop-for-all solutions to sustainability and environment based assessments of our properties and projects. Stafford Housing stands as a Houston corporate housing and real-estate services provider is a status earned on the basis of service and client excellence track record.Keywords: , ,