The Insurance Times The Insurance Times Business Name or Title: The Insurance Times Company Category: Country: India City/State: Kolkata Address: 25/1, Baranashi Ghosh Street, Near Girish Park, Kolkata–700007, India URL: The Insurance Times Short Description: The Insurance Times, which has entered into glorious 40th year of successful and regular publication in 2020 is the only authentic information source on insurance in India. Full Description:

The journal/magazine covers every month informative articles and features on general insurance, health insurance, personal & life insurance, etc. Besides regular columns for brokers, banking insurance, legal, surveyor, agents, students it brings you the latest and updated news of the Indian as well as the overseas insurance industry.

Moreover, regular features on risk management and safety also help you to keep you abreast of the latest risk management techniques. In short, one can find complete information monthly about insurance under one umbrella.

Moreover, we cover regularly the review of the policies issued by life and non-life insurance companies including a comparison of various products. And a special emphasis is given on the marketing of insurance both life and general.

Thus we should recommend that this journal/magazine is a must for all persons connected with insurance companies, corporate bodies, brokers, banks, surveyors, agents, consultants, students, educational institutions and professionals, etc.

In fact, we issue it every month so this Journal will be very helpful to you to get updates on the Insurance Industry happing all over India. So what are you waiting for?? Subscribe Us Today!!

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