Henderson Insurance Group Henderson Insurance Group Business Name or Title: Henderson Insurance Group Company Category: Country: Afghanistan City/State: Franklin Address: 282 Prospect Street, Franklin, MA 02038 URL: https://www.hendersoninsuranceus.com Short Description: One-stop insurance shopping from the local independent insurance broker with your needs in mind!
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One-stop insurance shopping from the local independent insurance broker with your needs in mind!

Henderson Insurance Group has been an independent insurance broker to individuals, families, and small business clients in Massachusetts since 2009.

While agents work with particular companies, representing that company’s interests, brokers represent their individual client. Henderson is a brokerage working with many carriers and providing quotes unavailable to agents. As brokers we have no loyalties to particular carriers, so our opinions are unbiased.

Our clients span a range of needs and situations, but all require help in sorting through the best insurance options. They may be self-employed, employed but without group plans, have group plans but need coverage for spouses or dependents, have changing benefit needs, or even high premiums, or are business owners charged with providing quality insurance plans for their employees.

If you belong in any one of these categories, you know that the options can be overwhelming.

We are here to help, brokers who work on behalf of our clients instead of the insurance carriers. We listen carefully to your insurance needs and then provide quotes from the broad range of insurance providers including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, Tufts, and many more.

HEALTH INSURANCE – Henderson works with qualified MA and RI health care providers to provide individuals, families, and businesses a variety of healthcare options.

DENTAL & VISION INSURANCE – Even while eliminated by many health insurance plans, dental and vision care is critical to our overall health. We can help you find the best dental and vision coverage for your family and business needs.

LIFE INSURANCE – In this unpleasant but necessary insurance category, we’ll provide guidance as to the best policy type and amount of coverage, resulting in peace and security for you, your family, or business.

SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE – Supplemental Medical, Short and Long-Term Disability, and Long-Term Care Insurance all fall under this category. We’ll help sift through your best insurance options in each of these areas so in the event of unexpected expenses, you’ll have peace during your difficult season.

MEDICARE – Simplification is the key here. We have many associates who can help you choose the best option and navigate through the complex Medicare health plans: Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plan, prescription drug coverage, and supplemental coverage.

AUTO/HOME INSURANCE – After all of the healthcare considerations, your auto and home insurance coverage is hardly an afterthought. As potentially confusing as the other areas of coverage, Henderson has several associates who can help with the vast number of choices.

Our services are FREE. No fees are ever charged to you, the client! Call us today at 617-842-3170 for a no-obligation, FREE quote!

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