Sashi Publications

Sashi Publications
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25/1, Baranasi Ghosh St,near Girish Park,Raja Katra
Short Description
Sashi Publications is one of the leading publishers of Journals/Magazine and Books on Insurance, Banking and Public Relations. The group is in the publication business since last 4 decades. The journals and books have PAN India circulation and the books are also circulated out of India in overseas countries.
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The Group publishes the following Journal/Magazines
The Insurance Times, Leading monthly journal on Insurance and Risk Management since 1981
Banking Finance, Leading monthly journal on banking and Finance since 1988
PR Communication Age, Leading Half Yearly journal on Public Relations and Communications since 1998
Life Insurance Today, Leading Half Yearly journal on Life Insurance since 2001

The group also published books on various subjects in insurance and multiple choice question answer Guide Books and Online Mock Test for various examinations on Insurance. We are one of the largest publishers of Examination Books for various exams in Insurance Industry. Thousands of candidates have passed various examinations by reading our books.